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Nov 11, 2012 7:00am PST
a presidential winner in florida. cnn projects president obama will win the sunshine state with 50% of the vote. florida's tally marks the end of the 2012 race. obama's electoral vote now comes to 332, well above the 270 required to win. florida governor rick scott is ordering a review of the state's vote progress says after people waited in line for hours to cast their ballots. >>> despite the presidential outcome in florida, the race for the 18th congressional district remains undecided. democrat patrick murphy leads republican incumbent allen west by 2,400 votes. >>> and on this veterans day, you're looking at a live pi of arlington national cemetery where president obama will lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in about 30 minutes. heal also make remarks. cnn will carry that ceremony live at the top of the hour. those are your headlines. now back to "fareed zakaria gps." >>> did you know that obama supporters are likely to eat at red lobster and listen to smooth jazz? that romney supporters prefer to dine at olive garden and watch college football? well, big data does. big data. that
Nov 4, 2012 7:00am PST
. florida's democratic party has filed federal lawsuit to extend early voting hours. the lawsuit argues that inadequate pouling facilities in miami-dade, broward, and palm beach counties led to some lines in some cases between six and seven hours long. over a million votes have already been cast in the bellwether state of ohio. the secretary of state says an senn tee voting and early in-person voting have gone smoothly so far this year. absentee voting has gone on track to sur praise that in 2008. >>> boehner has been on a three-day bus tour in his home state. the house speaker says he's relying on long-time republicans in southwest ohio where he's from to deliver the state's 18 electoral votes for mitt romney. >>> new jersey voters displaced by superstorm sandy will be able to cast their votes by i'm. the state is also allowing residents to vote at their county clerk's office. the deadline for ballots is still 8:00 p.m. tuesday. >>> and those are your headlines. "reliable sources" is at the top of the hour. now back to "fareed zakaria gps." >>> sometimes the best way to think about big
Nov 4, 2012 10:00am PST
president bill clinton in new hampshire this morning. the president also has florida, ohio, colorado on his schedule. and mitt romney was in des moines, iowa this morning. later on today, he'll rally in ohio, pennsylvania, and virginia. stay with cnn. we'll have live coverage from the campaign trail all day. >>> now for the latest on the superstorm, sandy. the storm is blamed for at least 111 deaths in the u.s. meantime shall as survivors try to recover, thousands of people still without power dealing with the cold now. forecasters say temperatures are expected to drop below freezing tonight and tomorrow evening. and sandwiches of comfort, we'll meet a lady making thousands to help out the victims. now back to fareed zakaria i can't gps. >>> sometimes the best way to think about big events, elections, crises, wars, is to step back and learn what we can from the past. that's why i brought together three of my favorite historians do just that and to help us figure out how the past can inform the present in this election. my guests are edmund morris. he has a new book out called "this living h
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)